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Youth Development Program Board Members

The YDP Board  are all volunteers, who give of their time and energy to help give youth the opportunity to play in a competitive, affordable basketball program.  The board consists of one representative from the girls and boys youth programs from each High School within the BSD.

Michelle Bain-Brink


Jessica Collyer

Webmaster, scheduler, secretary

Evan Carlson

Westview boys rep

Angie Patterson

Sunset Girls rep

Matt Gehrke

Mountainside youth president

Phil Vesel

Southridge Boys rep

David Saultz

Aloha Boys rep

Scott Whipple

Sunset Boys youth rep

NeJuan Thompson

Southridge boys coordinator

Rino Nazal

Westview girls youth coordinator

Tim Quinlan

Southridge Girls rep

Barb Vandehey

Aloha Girls rep

Gregg Rice

Beaverton Boys rep

John Naro

Beaverton Girls rep

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